Where the hustle slows, the rhythm is heard, and our Blended Teas and Tea Infused Callebaut Chocolates are refined and our Gourmet Taffy is fantastic!
Enjoy Shopping + Buy the Best Tea, Chocolates & Taffy You’ve Ever Had, Even Sugar Free Ones!

Connecting with our Gasoline Alley Farmers Market visitors and create a friendly relationship is such a wonderful experience!

A social house

With our Saltwater Taffy, whether it’s the regular or sugar free assorted, sassy or licorice taffy, we have it in store and we will not only get you to where these gourmet candies are – but we’ll get you hooked on them too. We’d love to welcome you and talk with You!

Our Tea Amore Room

Ria’s Retro shop combines and blends sweets with teas. Our teas are refined, blended and packaged in Alberta and you’ll find a little bit of everything! Tea, Chai, Matcha, Blooming or Blended Tea, Ice Tea and Handmade Belgian Callebaut Chocolates, infused with our Tea Blends!